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                  Join us today and meet our Llama

Even in the rain.. ice cream & llama are wonderful

We did the hour long walk and it was a fun experience. The staff and llamas were all very friendly. Great value for money for such a unique experience! Definitely recommend this activity if you love animals.

Geeta S. 
Such a lovely and joyous family visiting from Singapore

Encounter with llamas firsthand. Nothing like a zoo touch and go. We got to brush the fur and to feed it. A walk with the llamas is like a dream come true for my kids.
The experience was supposed to be 1 hour and our host were with us for more than 2. Very hospitable family and we are glad to find you.
Next time, we will bring bananas for Bella.

Christine Y.

If you’re an animal lover this is an ideal stop off to meet and walk the Llama. Such a tranquil area, you almost feel like you’re in the wilderness. The Llama (I walked Sam) were such fun and Natalie is very informative. Thanks heaps.

Anne F
Heather & Lisa

Located just about 3 minutes drive away from Christmas Hill Raspberry Farm, you definitely can drop by for a short visit after a meal at the Café. That’s exactly what we did, and glad we made that visit as it was beyond our expectation. Natalie and her husband are such warm and friendly people, that we immediately felt welcomed upon arrival. They were more than happy to allow us to be up close and personal with their llamas, as we got to touch and feed them! The llamas are in great shape as they are well taken care of by such passionate and caring owners.

P.S. If you’re intending to visit the farm, be sure to call Natalie for a heads up though as they may not be in the farm 24/7!

J Ko.

Christmas Parade Time

Off for a lovely stroll along the streets of Devonport, Tas helping Santa spread some Xmas cheer!

Sammy, Rivet and Jasper dazzling in their Christmas finery…Phil, Paris & Natalie along to keep the adoring fans at bay 🥰🎅🏻

A few gorgeous fans snuck through for some cuddles and photos… 😊🎅🏻🤶🏻

A fun night was had by all!


Jack tried out his very first walk on the lead today. Just a little spin around the paddock to see how he liked it 😉’s a good little guy and didn’t have much of a fuss. We try to approach all of our training gently with as little stress as possible for all involved.